Yeah but what they mean is, "If you have recently had physical contact with the bodily excretions of a person infected with Ebola, go immediately to your ER," not "If you have the sniffles, go to your ER." The general uninformed public hears the latter, not the former, and the people saying it need to be more emphatic… » 10/10/14 5:07pm 10/10/14 5:07pm

This is the correct answer. I recalled seeing this frame before and I was just disbelief. How can you survive being rent to the bone, even if you do have an unlimited healing factor? I figured your mind would just shut down forever, because it literally couldn't, as they say, "even." » 10/10/14 4:30pm 10/10/14 4:30pm

This is such an obvious answer. Most people have some kind of digital receiver for cable nowadays that knows the name of any show you watch and knows the exact time and duration of your viewership. How is this not a solved problem? » 10/10/14 6:35pm 10/10/14 6:35pm

Good questions, but I'm sure these problems are easy to overcome if they're thorough about it. There's also day/night speed limits to consider, car/truck speed limits, construction zones, school zones, etc., but these are all usually done in pretty standard ways and the car isn't aiming to be fully autonomous. » 10/10/14 11:54am 10/10/14 11:54am

Just because they were able to build the new car doesn't mean they also want to dump all that money into tires, fuel, spares, etc. when they have a perfectly valid excuse not to and they're not really fighting for anything in the championship. » 10/10/14 11:27am 10/10/14 11:27am