Two lanes one direction? I've had people give me the wave for a left turn in that circumstance. They're sitting there like dumbasses urging me to get a move on, meanwhile they're just blocking my view of the next lane of traffic that *isn't* stopping and holding up everyone in their lane. » 11/21/14 11:18am Yesterday 11:18am

That was a great article with great photos. It also emphasized further to me what a skilled driver Ken Block is. To take an 800 horsepower car into such tight confines as chinatown and a donut shop parking lot while smoking the tires and being sideways most of the time, and not hit anything at all, that is precision… » 11/19/14 8:56am Wednesday 8:56am

I wonder if the extra heat insulation might be good for the overall engine, preventing heat-soak on the intake elements. If you get too much heat inside the chamber, maybe it'll expand too much and wreck the seals, but I bet you could carry it away with more cooling lines or through the exhaust. I wouldn't be too… » 11/17/14 2:04pm Monday 2:04pm

Somewhat related side note: does anyone else really want to have a place where they can legally and safely just go to cock about with their car? Just a concrete pad where you can do burnouts, donuts, j-turns, and otherwise irresponsible nonsense without worrying about hurting yourself or upsetting people. Such things… » 11/17/14 12:47pm Monday 12:47pm

All of it. All the science is always misrepresented all the time*. Seriously, did any writers anywhere take science class after 5th grade? I think that's the better question to ask, why is bad science so prevalent, why do people stand for it, and what can we do to fix it? » 11/17/14 8:35am Monday 8:35am