I've been boycotting Fox Sports from the moment they took over for Speed. So far it hasn't really been much of a sacrifice, since I think all they carry now is TUSCC and MotoGP. TUSCC hasn't done itself any favors in the last year to win me over, but I am missing MotoGP a bit. Although I did stop caring as much about… » 1/26/15 6:17pm Yesterday 6:17pm

Right now there's a lot of good race series tied up in other networks. Blancpain and DTM on CBS Sports, RallyCross and WSBK on BeIN Sports, F1 on NBC Sports, MotoGP on Fox Sports, WRC and FIM stuff on MavTV. And some stuff like Irish Road Racing, FIA Trucks, BTCC, and WTCC don't have any North American broadcast home… » 1/22/15 3:45pm Thursday 3:45pm

This is kind of a specific higher-level topic, but I was having some trouble conceptualizing stuff in my Linear Systems (Signals) class in college. I went to my professor to talk about it, because I just wasn't getting how transfer functions worked. » 1/21/15 5:25pm Wednesday 5:25pm

Your comment reminds me: in Downbelow Station by CJ Cherryh, a book with alien life and interstellar travel, microwaves ovens were used. I found this remarkable for two reasons. First that, holy crap, microwave ovens really are the future aren't they? The future is now! I have sci-fi tech in my kitchen! Second,… » 1/21/15 12:23am Wednesday 12:23am

So the dongle itself is insecure, but can't be used to control anything on the car because of the car's internal encryption? I don't see the problem here. Sounds like Progressive designed it correctly by not spending money on encryption where it's not needed. Is anyone really that concerned about people eavesdropping… » 1/20/15 5:28pm 1/20/15 5:28pm